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I thought I’d put together a little list of things people do I genuinely don’t understand, because it puzzles me and maybe someone can shed some light on some of the things mentioned. Also because it’s always good to rant.

  1. When people put fake tan exclusively on their face
  2. When people find the Big Bang Theory funny
  3. When girls get upset over being called easy, when they sleep with everything that moves
  4. When people act differently around their friends to what they’re really like
  5. Why people like horror movies
  6. When people care so so much about what other people are doing with their lives, like it’s a competition
  7. When people pay a fortune to go to university, but never study and are just there for the parties. There are cheaper ways to do that.
  8. When people think the world will end because of an ancient Mayan calendar
  9. When people need constant validation from everyone else
  10. When people need you to find things as funny as they do
  11. When people physically fight over things that don’t really matter, like sport
  12. When girls can’t leave the house without make up on
  13. When people have to have a partner, heaven forbid they should have to cope alone!
  14. When people play dating games e.g. not texting back for at least 5 hours. Grow up
  15. When people can’t possibly conceive that they might be wrong
  16. When people can’t understand how other people are feeling, ever
  17. When people get really emotionally invested and interested in the lives of celebrities
  18. When people think they’re superior because they have more money, there are more important things you know
  19. Selfishness
  20. When people think they’re the shit, and expect you to think the same of them.

So that’s just a little list, if you can shed any light please do, because otherwise I will continue to be confused forever.