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I went to see Skyfall last weekend and since it’s been much written about and made such an impression on me, I feel like joining in.

Daniel Craig is of course one hell of a man, and I find him a very fitting person to play Bond. Perhaps it’s the product of my time as he is the most current Bond, but I feel like since he’s been playing the part they have reduced the cheesy suave silliness and made him more of a hard killing machine, with some humour and fun thrown in. In Skyfall he looks haggard and haunted and I like that, it seems more realistic as if you had that job you’d look and feel that way too. I don’t want my Bond, or any other action hero for that matter, looking immaculate and well put together all the time, because that isn’t how it would be and makes it too Hollywood for my tastes.

I needed the loo from about 10 mins in and could not find a suitable time to nip out. It was so jam packed with action and excitement throughout that there was simply no appropriate moment. The film is around 150mins long and the time flew by, it didn’t feel like a long film but an exciting and interesting adventure.

The plot was easy to relate to and maintained both suspense and intrigue. I found the character development brilliant and loved how they explored the difficult decisions constantly facing M, the psychotic derangement of the villain, and how Bond came to be what he is – a lone killing machine. All these characters could be understood and empathised with which is what I personally enjoy in a film. The intellegence of the villain also adds to the plot as the twists and turns he creates keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat. The way he is intelligent is also very appropriate for our era which makes it a very modern film.

This film seemed to make an attempt to refer back to old Bond films with the classic car etc. I thought this was a nice touch and made it feel less like the Borne films, and tied it back to the legacy from which it springs. The theme song by Adele sounded like a classic bond film and gave the necessary impact when combined with the spectacular intro.

However the flaw I can see with this (based on what I’ve heard other people say about it) is that it appeals more to female viewers than the male. According to one male viewer Bond’s appeal is that he is effectively a faceless agent with a cool job and lots of gadgets, making it easy for men to project themselves onto him and into the film. However with the inclusion of a back story this is made more problematic and the appeal drops. Also apparently there was insufficient sex which has long been considered a basic feature of any Bond film as he displays his prowess with various beautiful women.

Although I have to say these issues did not affect me or my enjoyment of the film and I would gladly see it again as soon as possible, which is not something that often happens. Therefore I give James Bond Skyfall 5 stars! Brilliant film and highly recommended.