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Autumn is my favourite season, the colours are so beautiful, you have the perfect reason to stock up on cosy knits, scarves and mittens come out and soups and stews come in. It’s not quite cold enough to be unpleasant, it’s early in the school year and you’re already looking forward to Christmas and all its wonder. Winter is bitterly cold especially once Christmas has passed, you wait desperately for Spring to be over and Summer brings either sticky night-time discomfort or disappointing rain. Of course the other seasons have their perks and that what makes the year so delightful, but Autumn is still my favourite.

So here is a little list of my current favourite things that make this Autumn all the more lovely;

  1. My new giant woolly jumper, it has an owl on it.
  2. Butternut squash soup with lots of salt and pepper
  3. Woolly hats
  4. Alpine style leggings, one pair has reindeer on them
  5. Fluffy booty slippers
  6. Chocolate orange hot chocolate
  7. Raccoon fingerless gloves with fold-over mitten bit
  8. Lamb stew (and dumplings, obviously.)
  9. Cake in a mug
  10. Heated blankets
  11. Leather jacket
  12. Snoods
  13. The abundance of Christmas reminders in the shops
  14. All the up coming party events (Halloween, Guy Fawkes, my Nan’s birthday, the birth of my new niece or nephew)
  15. Communal TV/film evenings clutching cups of tea in my already painfully cold student house

So as the days shorten and the bitter nip in the air descends try to embrace the fluffy woolly soothing glory of Autumn, whilst daring to bare some flesh as homage to the warmer days now past. Leave the jackets at home as you drunkenly totter to the taxi on a night out, because who needs Summer when you’re wearing a Vodka coat.

This is beautiful FYI.