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Something that always bothers me is when people make sweeping statements about the state of humanity and the fundamental characteristics of people in general. Normally these are negative statements and the most common is ‘people are fundamentally selfish‘. First of all, speak for your self prickface, and secondly I just don’t think this is true.

When I say things like ‘I think people are fundamentally kind/caring/decent’ people’s reaction is ‘aww isn’t she sweet, so young and naive. Don’t take her seriously, she doesn’t know shit.’ and it’s infuriating! Yes I am young, and yes I am idealistic, but is that a bad thing? The worst thing I can imagine about growing older is becoming a sour hearted knob jockey like you, with a cynical pessimistic view of the world. This is such a common reaction I find myself feeling embarrassed by my age, as if it’s something that makes me immediately wrong and not worth listening to. How ridiculous, isn’t youth supposed to be enjoyed and don’t so many envy it? So why does it feel like a dead weight around my neck?

This does however make me argue more persistently, and listen to people more intently and I do believe that I can understand most view points and see why they think the way they do, even if I disagree. People that are convinced that people are selfish creatures by nature I find are the least open to honest debate and often are completely unwilling to have their minds changed regardless of the evidence and arguments put before them. I realise this is a sweeping statement too, but based on the sample of people I have encountered with this viewpoint, these are my findings.

This idea that people are still like animals, survival instincts are still at the forefront of our minds and therefore we are selfish, to me is just silly. We are capable of conscious thought and reason, and we are the only animals with a clear tendency to morality that I’m aware of. To me this argument is a cop-out, say it and you don’t have to think about anything any more ‘hey you can’t blame me, I’m just a human, selfish by nature. Therefore I can do whatever the hell I like.’ No. No you can’t, or at least shouldn’t. Grow the fuck up.

Not to mention it is so disheartening to hear such an abundance of cynical ideas about the world, that if someone needs help they won’t get it because people won’t care, they’re selfish. How miserable must people who think like that be? I still have faith in humanity, shit happens, there are arseholes in the world, but that doesn’t make everyone an arsehole. I want to work in politics (I heard you sigh) simply because I want to help people, I am paying through the nose to educate myself in order to do this, and I really believe there are other people who feel the same. So stop pissing on my parade! I don’t tell you how fucking stupid that haircut looks on you, live and let live arsehole! Stop getting your kicks by bringing people down and making them as miserable as you are.

My mother always says the best thing we can do in life is leave a little patch of the world a little nicer than the way we found it, and I think this is a wonderful mantra to live by. Don’t be disheartened by people like this, I try not to be and I admit I struggle sometimes, speaking to people like this is like hitting your head on a wall, it hurts after a while. Although if you are feeling low look at these, they’re so lovely and may just restore your faith in humanity;

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